We Want to See Band Members, Actors, and Sexy Scene boys...


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This is a community in which you post pictures of hot people you'd like to see nude. We want to see band memebers and actors being naked, and possibly hot scene boys, but not just normal people. Someday we'll start a real colony you know.. only out of REALLY hot people and Chef Boyardee... what? We need ravioli man.

Rules For New Members:
1. Post application within 72 hours of joining.
2. You may only reply to your own post until you've been accepted.
3. Leave your application up if you're rejected.. because if you delete out of embarassment, you're kind of lame.
4. Please put "For The Colony" as the subject so we know that you're new, and that you went over the rules.
5. Don't be rude to members. If you don't like what someone says about you, that's your problem.
6. Promote us to at least one place before applying, please.
7. Please don't post nude pictures of yourself.

Rules For Members
1. Keep the criticism honest but not too harsh.
2. Stay active. Don't be a vegetable... cause if you are we have no use for you besides salad.
3. No posting nude pictures of yourself.

Just fill this out.. post it.. and we'll vote if you're sexy/cool enough to ponder the sexiness of naked hot men with us!

The Application

the Basic Boring Schtuff
Where'd you hear about us?:
Please add a link of where you promoted us to:

Some More Interesting Shit
Favorite soda:
5 bands you like:
4 songs you like:
3 men you'd like to see nude:
2 of your hobbies:
1 thing you really feel passionately about:
Favorite pasttime:
Favorite actor:
Favorite color:
Favorite word to say:

A Couple Random Questions For Ya
Marital status?:
What are your feelings about coconuts?:
Have you ever seen Frankenweiner?:
What does your shampoo smell like?:
What's one of the more spontaneous things you've ever done?:
What's your lifelong dream?:

Why would you like to join?:
Anything else you'd like us to know?:

Please include a few pictures of yourself.

Your Mods



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